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Welcome to the Adventure!

Birthday Stuffed Balloons For Kids & Adults

We have you covered! We offer a variety of Stuffed balloons for adults & the little ones your circle. We have stuffed balloons for all occasions. Looking for a fun way to wrap a gift. They can be stuffed with the following; candy, chocolate, small toys, jewelry, flowers and stuffed small animals etc.

  • Digger the Dino Balloon

    $60.00 Per balloon

    Includes 1 of the following,

    National Geographic Digs

    Dinosaur fossil Digs

    Dinosaur Egg Digs

    Bonez Alive Digs

    Shark Tooth Digs

    GemStone Digs

    Gold Digs

  • What's Included?

    1 Dig Kit of your choice from the list provided

    2 Dino digger eggs

    1 Digger the Dinosaur teeshirt

    1 Digger Safety Glasses

    1 Construction Hat

    1 Chisel

    1 Brush

    1 Necklace and cage for one of the following: Fossil, Gem, Tooth

    15 pieces of Lindt Chocolate or your preferred chocolate

  • Add Ons

    Dinosaur Fossil - $15.00

    Bonez Alive - $10.00

    Dino Egg - $8.00

    Gold Dig - $8.00

    Mini Dino Egg -$8.00

  • Stuffed Balloons for Adults for all occasions

    We have many to choose from. Please see our facebook page for more pictures. Starting at $45.00

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